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High Interest Rates, Collection Calls and Pressure getting you down?
Stopping your bad payday loans can change everything. 
We know how to help and make these problems go away.

We can stop everything for you !

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Do you have payday loans?

Do you have short term high interest loans?

Are you struggling with payments?

Have you missed payments?

Are you receiving collection calls?

Are debt collectors harassing you?


If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help you take your paycheck back by settling and sometimes even canceling your payday loans.  Payday loans are short term high interest loans that most will struggle to pay back.  If you have missed payments you will start to receive collection calls and harassing calls.

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Payday loans are more common than most people think.  If you are struggling with short term high interest loans, don't feel alone. We are the most experienced and knowledgeable with helping people with overbearing Payday Loans. There is an industry of store front and online payday lenders whose goal is to take advantage of people in dire financial situations. You asked these people for assistance with a loan that has turned out to be a costly mistake. Extremely high interest rates make it nearly impossible for you to pay back these loans. If you have online loans the validity of them is questionable at best, most charge illegal interest rates and most are not even licensed to lend in your state. At we will examine your agreements, assist you with learning how to handle your matters. We at Stop Your Payday Loans have the knowledge and skills to fight back and get you out of the payday loan trap. We have helped thousands of individuals and families get out of this negative cycle and back on track to a positive and financially stable life.

Do you want to stop the collections calls?

Do you want affordable payments?

Do you want to pay off your payday loans?


If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help you.  We can stop the collection calls and set you up with payments that are affordable to you.  We will work with your lenders to pay off your loans through settlements.

Our payday loans representatives are trained, efficient and experienced at negotiating with businesses for more favorable payment plans and also, just by being payday specialists, we get more respect from the businesses. To help yourself and us handle the process more efficiently, please contact us immediately. Please be prepared to describe your problem briefly and find out how we regularly handle such matters and can offer you our professional help.

We believe priority payments come before payday loans. Priority payments include things like rent, auto payments, or mortgage. When setting up a repayment plan with the lender they can only look at the money you have left over after paying these priority payments each month and cannot take so much as to leave you unable to pay these (by law). We arrange and handle all necessary communications and planning to get you out from under the pressure and away from the calls, letters and tactics from your lenders.


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Unlike all other's we are NOT a 3rd party. We are a direct provider of relief services for people seeking help with paying off bad payday advance loans. When you inquire and submit your information to us it is safely secured and kept totally confidential. We are NOT a lender of any payday loans. This offer is NOT for a payday loan. We offer assistance to people who need help managing, eliminating, consolidating, settling, negotiating and canceling existing bad payday loans. When you communicate with us you are working directly with our company employees and nobody else.

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